Create Your Own Jewellery


Our bespoke service allows you to design a unique piece of jewellery that is entirely tailored to you or your loved one. Our team of expert jewellery designers will work with you to bring your ideas to life, whether you want to use a specific type of pearl or design a completely custom piece. We can help you create a meaningful and memorable piece of jewellery for any special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, engagement or wedding. So why wait? Start your jewellery creation today!



Transform your old jewellery into something new and fashionable by resetting your gemstones or pearls. Our team of skilled jewellery designers can help you turn your old or unwanted pieces into something new and unique. Whether you want to turn a few boring rings into a bold necklace or simply refresh the look of your favourite piece, we can help you create something truly special and one-of-a-kind.

Repair | Restore


Our master craftsmen can repair your broken jewellery and make it look like new again. We offer services to fix broken necklaces, resize rings and even re-plate and engrave gold jewellery.



Our skilled craftsmen can secure your pearls with knots between each pearl to prevent them from scattering if the string breaks. This also protects the pearls from rubbing together and damaging their surface.

Learn More About Pearl Care

Did you know that taking proper care of your pearls is important to preserve their beauty and longevity? Learn more about the care and storage of your pearls now!

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