Pearl Stringing

Stringing pearl with knots

Why Need Stringing?

Stringing pearl necklace with knots serve two purposes. Firstly, they protect the pearls from rubbing against each other, which can damage their surface and cause them to lose lustre. Secondly, the knots hold the pearls in place on the necklace. If the necklace were to break, the knots would prevent the pearls from falling off, making it easier to repair the necklace. In short, the knots on a pearl necklace help to protect and preserve the pearls maintaining the necklace's beauty and functionality.

When to Restring?

It is recommended to check the knotting of your pearl necklace or bracelet every 12 to 18 months, depending on how often you wear it. You can either send it to your trusted jeweller to be checked or do it yourself.

There are some hints that will tell you when you should have your strands restrung:

  • Gaps appear between the pearls and the strand gets longer than usual due to stretched and loose knots.
  • Knots get dirty from body oil and moisture they absorb every time you wear them.
  • The knots fray as the pearls rub against them over time.
  • Some knots begin to shrink and disappear into the pearl hole.

All of these reasons will cause your necklace or bracelet to break. If you see any of the indications, it is time to restring your pearls.

Our Stringing Services

We offer free pearl strand inspection service includes checking the knots between the pearls and also the working condition of the clasp.


How Much to Restring Pearls?

The cost of restringing a classic pearl necklace or bracelet depends on the length and pearl size. Typically, the price starts at $50 for a bracelet and $80 for a necklace.

How Long Does the Process Take?

Our professional service includes cleaning your pearl and carefully hand knotting each pearl. Depending on the strand length, the process can take approximately 3 to 5 days.

Pearl Stringing Enquiry

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