Pearl Necklace Length Guide


Types of Necklace Length

Pearl necklaces are suitable for any age group and occasion due to their versatility. There are six main types of pearl lengths: collar, choker, princess, matinee, opera, and rope. These terms are commonly used by most jewellers, although lengths may vary from company to company.

Types of Necklace Length

Collar length: 12-13 inches / 30-33cm

Choker length: 14-16 inches / 36-41cm

Princess length: 17-19 inches / 43-48cm

Matinee length: 20-26 inches / 51-66cm

Opera length: 28-36 inches / 71-91cm


Different Pearl Necklace Length

Pearl Collar Necklace


At just 12-13 inches long, the collar necklace is the shortest option available. Its shorter length, allows it to hug the neck nicely and stays in place, unlike longer strands that tend to move around. These necklaces often feature a multi-strand design for added fashion appeal. Whether worn alone or layered with other long necklaces, the collar necklace is a striking piece of jewellery that is sure to catch the eye.

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Pearl Choker Necklace

pearl-choker necklace-on-model

The pearl choker necklace is a classic and elegant piece of jewellery that is perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Measuring 14-16 inches in length, it sits at the base of the neck, just above the collarbones, making it suitable for a variety of necklines. A single strand of pearls creates a timeless, classic look, while multiple layers add a more modern touch. Whether paired with an evening gown or a formal suit, the pearl choker necklace is a versatile and stylish choice.

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Princess Pearl Necklace


The princess length pearl necklace is a versatile and popular choice that can be worn for a variety of occasions and with a range of outfits. It measures 17-19 inches in length, falling at or 1-2 inches below the collarbones, making it suitable for most necklines. If you're not sure which pearl necklace length is best for you, the princess length is a safe and stylish choice that is sure to complement your look.

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Matinee Pearl Necklace


At a length of 20-26 inches, matinee pearl necklaces are suitable for both casual and business wear. They sit slightly lower on the breast bones and are often layered for a more dressed-up look. In addition to everyday wear, matinee pearl necklaces are also a perfect choice for evening gowns and wedding dresses. Whether dressing up or dressing down, the matinee pearl necklace is a chic and elegant option.

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Opera Pearl Necklace


With a length of 28-36 inches, the opera length pearl necklace offers versatility and elegance. You can wear it as a single strand or multiple strands, depending on your desired look. For a formal style, wrap it twice around the neck to create a short necklace. Alternatively, wear it long for a more dramatic effect. The opera length pearl necklace is a chic and stylish choice for any occasion.

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Rope Pearl Necklace


As the longest pearl necklace, the rope length measures over 1 metre long. Its length allows for endless styling options, such as wearing it as a lariat or wrapping it multiple times as a shorter, layered necklace. The rope length pearl necklace is very versatile and popular in the fashion and jewellery industry.

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When selecting a pearl necklace, consider the following factors:

  • Occasion: Will the necklace be worn for a casual or formal event?
  • Personal style: Does the necklace align with your personal style and aesthetic?
  • Desired length: Do you prefer a shorter or longer necklace?

Here are the different pearl necklace lengths guidelines:

  • Collar: Wrap nicely around the neck, suitable for casual wear
  • Choker: Sits at the base of the neck, suitable for formal occasions
  • Princess: Sits at or just below the collarbones, suitable for both casual and formal occasions
  • Matinee: Sits slightly lower on the breast bones, suitable for both casual and formal occasions
  • Opera: Can be worn as a short necklace or long strand, suitable for formal occasions
  • Rope: Highly versatile and can be worn in various styles, suitable for any occasion

Other Pearl Necklace Buying Tips

Besides pearl necklace length types, pearl colors are another important factor to consider when selecting a pearl necklace. From traditional white and cream to more unusual hues like pink and black, pearls come in a range of colors that can suit different personal styles and preferences.

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