About Akoya Pearl

Small in Size, High in Lustre!

Pinctada Fucada is the small saltwater oyster species that produce Akoya pearls. Due to this, Akoya pearls tend to be small, with a size range of 2-2.5mm to 9-9.5mm. Each Akoya pearl is measured in half-millimetre increments, and the average size used in jewellery making is 6.5-7mm to 8-8.5mm. Despite their small size, Akoya pearls have a highly lustrous, mirror-like surface that not all types of pearls can achieve.

Price of The Akoya Pearl

The price of an Akoya pearl necklace typically starts at $500, depending on the quality and size of the pearls. However, the highest quality Akoya pearls can cost over $10,000 per strand.

Where Do Akoya Pearls Come From?


Currently, the majority of Akoya pearls with sizes above 7.5-8mm come from Japan, while the smaller sizes come from China. The clean waters in these regions provide a perfect balance of temperature and salinity, which is essential factors for Akoya pearl cultivation. In addition, the Akoya oyster's small size makes it easy to grow in a controlled environment, such as a pearl farm.

The skilled pearl farmers in Japan and China also plays a key role in producing high quality Akoya pearls. They have years of experience and knowledge in pearl farming that give the pearls a special value. While it is possible to grow Akoya oysters in other parts of the world, such as Australia, but the success rate is not as high as in Japan and China. The warmer waters and different conditions make it more difficult to produce pearls of the same quality.




Akoya pearls can have a white, cream, yellow, or grey body colour with beautiful overtones of pink, silver, green, and the rare blue. These combinations give Akoya pearls their shimmering soft pastel colours, making them the most popular type of pearl among pearl lovers. Some Akoya pearls undergo a colour treatment to achieve a deep black colour with shades of midnight blue over the body.

Spherical Shape


Akoya-pearl-earrings-and-necklace-on-stacked-grey-stones display

The Akoya pearl is popular not only for its colour and lustre, but also for its perfectly round shape. The Akoya pearl is particularly prized for its symmetry, and symmetry is an important factor in determining the value of a pearl.

For this reason, round Akoya pearls are often used in high-end jewellery such as necklaces and stud earrings. Besides the perfect round shape, Akoya pearls also come in other shapes such as near round and baroque.


  • The Akoya pearl is a small, lustrous pearl with beautiful pink overtones.
  • It is produced by the Akoya oyster, which is native to the waters around Japan and China.
  • The Akoya pearl is known for its exceptional lustre and delicate beauty.
  • It is usually round to almost round in shape and is commonly used in high-end jewellery.
  • The price of an Akoya pearl necklace typically starts at $500, depending on the quality and size of the pearls.
  • Akoya pearls come in a wide range of colours and shapes, including white, cream, yellow, grey, and more.

How to Maintain the Pearl Lustre?

If you're lucky enough to own a beautiful pearl piece, you should take good care of it to keep it looking its best. Proper storage and cleaning can go a long way in maintaining the lustre and beauty of your pearls.

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